Louis Icart "Madame Bovary"


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Artist Biography


Louis Icart. 1880-1950 – Artist Louis Icart was born in Toulouse, France. He began drawing at an early age. He was particularly interested in fashion, and became famous for his sketches almost immediately. He worked for major design studios at a time when fashion was undergoing a radical change-from the fussiness of the late nineteenth century to the simple, clingy lines of the early twentieth century. Louis Icart fought in World War I. He relied on his art to stem his anguish, sketching on every available surface. When he returned from the front he made prints from those drawings. The prints, most of which were aquatints and drypoints, showed great skill. Because they were much in demand, Icart frequently made two editions (one European, the other American) to satisfy his public. These prints are considered rare today, and when they are in mint condition they fetch high prices at auction.

“MADAME BOVARY” 1929 Limited Edition:Etchingon Paper

Edition Size:Unnumbered
Hand Signed:Yes- in Pencil
Framed: No
Size:21 in X16 in
Provenance: Private collection.
Certificate of Authenticity:Yes

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