Mr Brainwash "Rolling Home"


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Artist Biography


Mr Brainwash or MBW is the moniker of eccentric French filmmaker Thierry Guetta. After years filming the likes of Banksy and Obey he has put down the camera and taken up the spray-can and become one of California’s most prolific street artists. A maverick of the art world, Mr Brainwash has a trademark positive message and playful spirit that has taken the world by storm. Mr. Brainwash’s work continued to garner recognition from art collectors and street-art enthusiasts alike. By 2009, Madonna approached him to design the cover of her greatest hits compilation entitled, Celebration. In addition to the CD album, Mr. Brainwash created 15 different covers for the accompanying vinyls, singles and DVD releases.Considered as one of the most prolific and talked about artists of today, Mr. Brainwash is also the subject of Banksy’s hugely successful 2010 documentary film ‘Exit Through the Giftshop’. The film was originally to focus on Banksy, but the tables were turned when he challenged Mr Brainwash to create his own art show. The film charts the creation of the show, which became the LA blockbuster ‘Life is Beautiful’.

“ROLLING HOME” 2009 Limited Edition:Hand Torn Archival Paper

Edition Size:100
Hand Signed:Yes
Condition:Excellent – .
Framed: No
Size:22 X30 inches
Provenance: Private collection.
Certificate of Authenticity:Yes

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